I think jewelry is unique because it offers a thread of connection between maker and wearer, a way to recognize kindred spirits through our shared aesthetics. 

I’m not a fancy gal. I love pretty things, sure, but I’m not big, bold, or flashy (okay, if “bold” means sometimes sassy and a bit loud, maybe I’m that). What I’m trying to say is when it comes to fashion, style and aesthetic, I like things clean, crisp, and delicate. Can I get down with sparkles? Sure! Can I handle a little bling? Of course! But if you want something versatile, refined, and easy to mix and match, well, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Soasa jewelry has been described as “simple” “easy to wear” and “elegant” so many times that it became my tagline! Wear one piece at a time, or layer them up for an extra special look. Gemstones, pearls, brass, sterling silver and 14k gold-fill are at the heart of this timeless and stylish collection. The materials I use are great quality, but also affordable because let’s be real, jewelry shouldn’t break the bank. If you’re curious about the nitty gritty of those materials, check out the FAQ.


I’ve spent my entire adult life building this brand, and it’s a huge part of me. So many of you ask about the name! Soasa (So-Sah) is an acronym  for Soul of a Starving Artist, which was the name of my blog when I started selling my jewelry and paintings in high school. It was inspired by the combination of impending student loans for art school, and the typical teenage sentimentality. The name seems a bit over-dramatic now, but I still find sharing my jewelry is very personal, because each piece represents a quiet moment in my life. So there you have it. I may not actually be starving, but I certainly feel that each design carries a little bit of my soul out into the world!

Thank you for joining me on this lifelong adventure!

-Robin Marie